Property Management & Cadaster

Property Management Solutions

ArabiaGIS works closely with property development companies to create their enterprise geospatial platform. Our solution allows the automation of the technical department and the urban planning work processes, utilizing GIS technology. From within the platform, the property developer’s technical team can create and maintain the enterprise landbase in real-time, as well as issue various site and engineering plans.

The platform extends its functionality to service other business departments in the enterprise, using dedicated spatial dashboards and business applications that bring in the power of geospatial technology to their daily work, in a seamless and user-friendly manner. Moreover, the platform enables business users and decision makers to visualize their various attribute data, funneled from all across the enterprise, by using interactive and thematic maps, empowering them with a holistic view of their businesses and providing them with effective tools to detect patterns and trends.

The platform is designed with open architecture that can integrate with other existing and future business applications, used for managing the daily operations and feeding the enterprise databases.

The platform also allows the property developer to offer services to its partners, through a dedicated extranet and provide access to the public through services that can be published on its public portal.

The platform is well designed to be accessible from any web-enabled device, with the possibility of adding mobile apps and multi-touch screens applications.

Land Information Management Solutions

ArabiaGIS has a long experience in providing spatial Land Information Solutions for Land Registration Authorities and for Municipalities. We provide a comprehensive solution that covers:

  •   Automating Land Transactions & Internal Workflow
  •   Issuing Deeds
  •   Site Plans Preparation and Issuance
  •   Integrated Document Management Solution
  •   Internal Job tracking for  map-related jobs
  •   Spatial Decision Support Applications


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