Requirements Analysis

This is the preparation phase where planning is done, main requirements collected and needed data assessed and cleaned. This approach is taken from the Waterfall model where each phase starts after finalizing the phase before it.

However, and unlike strict water fall method, we give less time and effort to each phase at this stage and focus our efforts on the main ideas and overall functions that will constitute the final product. Below after is a brief about the activities and tasks for each phase.


A kick off meeting is set to announce the start of the project. Teams are introduced and preliminary roles are assigned to team members. Planning phase continues through the whole development process. Regular meetings, project schedules, and resource allocations are a part of the planning phase throughout the span of the project life cycle

Requirements Gathering

This is the phase where meetings are done, requirements gathered and documented and needed data, forms, and reports stated. The outcome of this phase is a detailed functional and non functional requirements document. Requirements documents describe all the data needed, all the modules that need to be built, all the forms and reports needed.

Analysis & Design

During this phase the requirements document resulted from the previous phase is studied in details by our software engineers to set the architecture of the solution and define the design standards. Solution architecture, security architecture, error logging and bug tracking architecture, and UI design standards are set and documented in a detailed analysis and design document. Database design, UML documents and different charts are added to the design document. A central database is designed to hold the different kinds of data from different data sources. The solution is divided into layers and tiers; and the communication between each layer is defined. This phase also generates test cases and scenarios that are used later on to test and validate the application. The outcome of this phase is a detailed analysis and design document.


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